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Are You Outraged Yet?

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I didn't know what he was talking about until the very end. I thought it was Obama, and almost stopped it.

So... did he just compare "the gays" to Nazis? F'n a, no pun intended.

Yeah, cuz apparently if TEH GAEZ are able to marry in CA (Like they have been for months) retribution will rain down from Jeebus, the Nazis will rise again, and gay couples will find themselves in the ovens once more. Er, wait...even that doesn't make sense. I can't make a connection between gay marriage and Nazis. Nor can I find any major disaster in recent memory that has happened to gay marriage nations/states like Massachusetts, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa...

Maybe Jehovah only watches the US now?

Maybe they think Eva Braun was a drag queen?

In any case, it's sad that "arguments" like these are able to convince the ignorant and bigoted voting masses.